Downtown Durham Dwelling


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Project Details


Primary Bedroom, Living Room, and Outdoor Patio Redesign


Sometimes a makeover doesn’t require paint or construction, but just careful selection of new furnishings.  This couple had previously lived in a very traditional home in Chapel Hill. After finding themselves empty nesters, they decided it was time for a fresh start. They found this beautiful, vertical home, walkable to all of Durham’s downtown attractions. The only problem… their old furnishings didn’t make the space feel as hip and urban as its surrounding environment. Through careful collaboration, we helped them update their primary bedroom as well as both the indoor and outdoor living spaces. In the bedroom space, we grounded the long room with an area rug under the bed and changed the bed out for one with legs that allows the eye to move through the space and under the bed itself.  The crisp black and white bedding pops against the green velvet headboard and the mix of pattern and scale in the fabrics creates interest without overwhelming the eye.  The antique chair is brought back to life with a modern velvet geometric print which is intentionally in contrast to the curved style of chair’s frame.  The warm wood of the end tables completes the space and brings the urban, mid-century vibe to this urban bedroom.  The homeowners are still in search of the perfect art to compliment the space above the bed. In the living spaces, we brought out the playful color palette of their bold artwork with this gorgeous light blue velvet couch and saddle leather swivel chairs. We recovered the seat cushions on their dining chairs with a eye catching geometric pattern. And we  even updated their walk-in bar area with custom green cabinetry and floating wood shelves. Outside, we purchased functional and durable seating to weather all the seasons and allow them to enjoy their downtown view.

Photos © Allison Sloan Polish.

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