Lego Feature Wall


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Project Details


Hallway Makeover


In a mission to embrace my kids’ creativity and bring life to a long hallway that leads to my three boys’ rooms, I seized an opportunity to involve them in a project. This one needed no arm twisting.

Legos are a timeless toy for the whole family, so what better way to enable more imaginary play than to take it to the walls, giving my boys a living art canvas just outside their rooms? This 10 foot wide by 8 foot tall installation started with plywood, then glued Lego baseplates, and finally a black wooden frame. And because I love organization, I constructed a way to store the Lego bricks by color using rails and hardware bins. Each hardware bin can be easily removed from the wall, allowing the kids to bring the color they need over to the wall for building.

Important note: if you try this at home, check out the process shot. You will see that we have Lego pieces placed on the wall at the joints where the base plates come together. This is critical because if you butt up the plates right next to each other, the Legos will not be able to cross connections from one plate to the next.  By using the Legos as part of installation, you can make sure that the plates are spaced correctly to allow for endless creations.

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